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Anyone can be successful in the financial markets with self-imposed goals, rules and courage in order to achieve long-term wealth accumulation.

Christopher Richter

Graduated Economist - Analyst - Trader


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Elliott Wellen Theorie

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With my analyzes on YouTube, I give regular outlooks on the markets. It is important to keep an overview and uncover opportunities and risks.

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Der Wochenausblick

My analyzes relate to the basic principle of the Elliott Wave Theory, which states that prices in the financial markets move in waves. These are recurring patterns that can be observed in every unit of time. Regardless of whether in a long-term (monthly chart) or short-term (minute chart) period. With the help of this pattern recognition, precise statements can be made about the future course of the price and a correspondingly good risk / reward ratio can be determined.

Elliott wave theory

Elliott Wellen Impuls

Investing is the new way of saving

My page is about stock market analyzes / chart analyzes that are brought to the point. I try to make it as understandable as possible. I am able to make statements about a good risk-reward ratio (CRV) by analyzing charts down to the last detail. My tool consists mainly of the Elliot wave theory which is composed of "strange numbers and letters".

I am able to make the financial world more understandable in order to find my way around it better. Furthermore, I am able not only to apply my knowledge, but also to convey it in an understandable way.

But why should you?

Quite simply: whoever saves, loses money, whoever invests more money. At least you seize the opportunity to preserve your capital.

The ECB is aiming for an inflation rate of 2% per year. This means that € 10,000 will be worth € 8,200 in 10 years. In 20 years even only € 6,700. So you have managed to almost halve your capital in 20 years.

If, on the other hand, you manage to generate an annual return of 2% per year, you compensate for inflation and the capital retains its value.

With courage and understanding

Manage your capital and don't let it lie senseless!

Anyone can be successful in the financial markets with self-imposed goals, rules and courage in order to achieve long-term wealth accumulation.

I can teach you the basics to act on the markets with sense and understanding. From the basic principles to detailed questions.  

Are you interested in what you see ?! Write me an email, or even better, become part of the community and register!

Rule one is: never lose money. Rule two is: never forget rule number one.

Warren Buffett



Patience is the investor's prime virtue.

Benjamin Graham



Anyone can make money on stocks if they just do their homework.

Peter Lynch



Anything is possible on the stock exchange. Also the opposite.

Andre Kostolany



Errors are useful, but only if you can find them quickly.

John Maynard Keynes



It is impossible to achieve above average returns unless you act differently from the majority.

Sir John Templeton

Christopher Richter

Graduate economist - analyst - trader



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